Wednesday, May 2, 2012

H&M Kids Fashion Haul!

I've always been a fan of H&M, but now I literally have a store 2 minutes away from my house so I find myself shopping there all the time - especially for kids clothes! They have the cutest stuff and they're always priced extremely well.

I know I don't really do fashion hauls, but I thought I'd show you just a few things I got Arianna.

seersucker dress ($14.95)

 chambray embroidered dress ($24.95)

 floral patterned blouse ($14.95)

floral tote ($5.95)

Isn't that tote adorable?!! I fell in love with it, and especially after seeing the price! (Well, considering the last purse I bought Arianna was from the Gap and almost cost me $40!! Yikes! I still can't get over that.)

Anyway, I also got her a few long sleeve shirts since it's still chilly here, and some leggings she can use in the summer for just $5 bucks!

I thought I would be done shopping for a bit, but I was just on their website and saw some really cute things I want to get her...

Hopefully they have everything at the store. Do you shop at H&M for your kids?


  1. You got some cute stuff! I have not been to H&M in a while. P needs that tote!

  2. Thanks, you should definitely go! They have a ton of cute stuff for Peyton.


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