Friday, April 27, 2012

ANTM Goes From Bad To Worse! (If That's Even Possible...)

America's Next Top Model has been a guilty pleasure of mine for years! I remember watching the first season and thinking it was such a great concept. (Ha!) But that was back in the day when I actually thought Tyra was nice.

Since then, I've watched the show slowly slip away with one ridiculous challenge after the next - none of which will actually help these poor girls in the modeling world mind you ( i.e. singing in a music video called Stop Drop and Tooch.)

But I thought the show had reached a new low this season when they casted British models to compete on the show. Not because I have a problem with brits, but because it defeats the whole purpose of the show - finding an american girl next door and making her into a supermodel.

Am I crazy??

Then this week I got wind of Tyra's new plans for the upcoming season which unfortunately don't include Nigel Barker, Jay, or Miss J!!

WHAT??!! They were the only thing keeping the show alive!! Apparently they've been kicked out of the show's revolving door of judges due to poor ratings

Ugh. This show just keeps going from bad to worse! I think this last move pretty much seals the deal for me and I will be closing the chapter on ANTM.

What do you think, will you be watching?

source: eonline


  1. I don't know who is going to watch this! I haven't watched it in years!

    1. I've watched it on and off since it's started, but I think I'm done. You can't replace those three!

  2. I can't imagine the show without those three. It's going to end up like Project Runway, it was All Star's and none of the original judges were on or Tim Gunn! Awful.

    1. I was upset with the PR All Stars changes too, but then I got into it and in the end I'm glad Mondo won.


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