Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Make-Up Products I Currently Can't Live Without!

My make-up arsenal is constantly changing, but they are few products that I truly love and keep going back to. Some of them are newer finds, and others I've been using for years, but either way - here are 6 products I currently can't live without!

Too Faced Beauty Balm-Golden Glow
I know I've mentioned a few beauty balms here before, but this is hands down my absolute favorite one! It has a really nice texture and leaves your face dewy and gorgeous!

Price: $32
Where to buy: Sephora

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer
I don't wear foundation everyday but when I do, this is the primer I reach for. I love the quality and it hydrates your skin while giving you a smooth complexion

Price: $42
Where to buy: Sephora

NYX  Mega Shine Lipgloss-Beige
I've been using this for years! It's my signature lipgloss and no it's not "beige", it's a soft pink (similar to NARS Turkish Delight) I love it because it super shiny, non-sticky, and you can't beat the price!

Price: $5.49
Where to buy: Ulta

Benefit They're Real! Mascara
I've tried a ridiculous amount of mascara trying to make my lashes long and thick (two things they're unfortunately not) But this product has changed everything for me. It makes my lashes look big and full without giving spider lashes. I absolutely love it to pieces!

Price: $22
Where to buy: Sephora

Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder
This is a like magic in a bottle. It's a translucent finishing powder that makes your make-up look flawless and goes on any skin tone.

Price: $32
Where to buy: Sephora

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner-Zero
Another product I've been using for years, but why mess with a classic? Hands down best smudge-proof eyeliner. Period.

Price: $19
Where to buy: Ulta

Your Turn!
What products can't you live without?


  1. Here are mine:

    1) Mary Kay -concealer in ivory 2 (perfect for my skin color) I have been using it for about 15 yrs and absolutely love it. Although its a concealer I use a few dots and actually use it as foundation ; )

    Mary Kay consultant $10

    2) Lorac TANtalizer- it's awesome, it gives you that perfect bronze color without it looking too dark.

    Sephora, I want to say it was about $48 or so

    3) too faced shadow insurance- this is an illuminating eye shadow primer that gives you that perfect tone underneath your eyeshadow. I sometimes even use it alone.

    Sephora, not sure of the price I got it in a set along with some eyeshadows and máscara.

    4) Origins - mulberry eyeliner (06) beautiful brownish-copperish color that looks great with brown eyes.

    Origins, $14

    5). Hard Candy- $1,000 lashes. I absolutely love love love this lash primer, trust me I have tried a million of them and this is by far the beat I have tried. It has some type of fiber that elongates your eyelashes immediately. Offcourse since its white you cannot use it alone you must use máscara afterwards.

    Believe it or not....... Walmart $10!!!!!

    6). Bare essentials- buxom lash. This is the best mascara I have ever tried, I have gone from brands like loreal through more expensive ones like Dior and pretty much everything in between and i got to say this is the best one ever!!

    Sephora, $18

    1. I have the Too Faced Shadow Insurance too. I go between that and the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

      That Hard Candy product sounds interesting! I might have to pick that up and see how it works with my benefit mascara.

      Thanks for sharing!


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