Friday, March 2, 2012

Zinkies: The Newest Addition To The Squinkies World!

My daughter is off from school today. Good thing she has the new Squinkies Zinkies to keep her busy! Squinkies Zinkies are a new line of teeny tiny, squishy squashy mini collectibles. They are super cute and come in six unique sets.

Arianna received the Snug as Bug Sunflower, Tiny Tea Party Teacups, and Train Set to play with and she couldn't be more thrilled! Some of you may remember how much she loved the original Squinkies, but these characters are even cuter because they're smaller than the tip of your pinkie!

Each set includes a squeezer and magnifying glass so you can handle your Zinkies with love and care. Every pack some with twelve exclusive characters. (The only thing is that if you have small children under the age of 4, or pets that like to chew on everything - you might want to be extra careful with these.)

Other than that, get ready for Zinkies fever kids!

Squinkies Zinkies are available in nationwide retailers including Target, Wal-mart, and Toys R Us.

{Disclosure: Editorial samples were provided to determine opinions of product. All opinions expressed herein are my own. See disclaimer/disclosure for more info.}


  1. My niece loves squinkies! I have to get her these. I think she would like them.


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