Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celeb Looks: Yay or Nay? {Mila, Olivia, J.Lo, Katie, Rihanna}

My husband is obsessed with Mila Kunis. I mean OB-SESSED. According to him, she's the cat's meow - and I think she did him proud while attending the Paris Dior fashion show in this blush pink lace dress and ivory coat. She looks absolutely beautiful.

My Verdict: Yay.

What Mila Kunis does for my husband, Olivia Palermo does for me. (Well fashion-wise anyways). I HEART her style, and this bold spotted print dress she's wearing to the Dior fashion show is the perfect example.

My verdict: Yay

OK we all know J.LO is fierce, but just because you can still rock this sequin Randi Rahm mini dress in your 40's does that mean you should? There is no question that she has an amazing body but at what point do you start dressing your age?

My verdict: a modest yay.

Katie Holmes was out and about in L.A. wearing an embroidered tunic, black leggings, and suede booties. Granted we don't always look are best running around doing errands, but still.

My verdict: Nay

Rihanna is gorgeous, rich, and talented that's why I don't get this ripped t-shirt, pegged blue jeans, and visor look. It might be just me, but I don't dig her eccentric style.

My verdict: Nay

What do you think of this week's celeb looks?
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