Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look What I Scored @Marshalls For 10 Bucks!

So on Monday I decided to hit up Marshall's, since last week I had great luck finding doggie beds at Home Goods (I bought 2 for the price of 1 at the pet store - Holla!) I always love going in there and don't know why I don't go more often, because you can always find some great deals even if it takes a bit to scavenge through the store.

I ended up finding a few things including a cute jacket for my daughter and a fly away cardigan for myself but what really caught my eye was this Nine West Glitterazi laptop sleeve because, let's face it--I have a weakness for anything that sparkles.

But as much as I liked it, I was unsure if I should buy it because I already have a cute laptop case. Then I saw that it was on clearance for $10 (originally $25), and determined that I would be a fool to put it down.

What have you gotten at lately recently?

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  1. Love finds like that! Such a fun laptop case!

  2. It is! I sit there like a child turning the sequins over for periods of time. lol

  3. I am so jello! I love that case! Great find!

  4. Are you kidding?! I need to go thrift shopping with you!! You always find the most amazing stuff!

  5. LOVE that. Such a great deal!!


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