Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauty Tip Of The Day: Picking The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color.

They say your eyes are the window to your soul so why not play them up with the right shade for your eye color? Rebecca Prior from the Napoleon Perdis' Makeup Academy in Hollywood, says that opposite colors on the color wheel work best.

For blue eyes: "Since orange is the opposite color of blue, anything with orange in it will make blue eyes stand out more. It doesn't have to be a blazing sun color -- it just has to have orangey undertones like gold, apricot, or peach,"

For green eyes: "Red is the opposite color of green, which isn't to say you should apply a cherry red-colored eyeshadow to your lids. But you'll help your green eyes pop if you use colors that have red undertones, like deep plums and wine."

For brown eyes: "Brown is a neutral color, so any color will work well, but the most standout colors are blue and purple."

photo & source: total beauty


  1. I was so hesitant to wear purple eyeshadow but the Laura Mercier promised me it would work with my brown hazel eyes. I absolutely LOVE it! Love this post!

  2. I LOVE using purple eyeshadow on my brown eyes too! It really does make your eyes stand out.


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