Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tin Tin Is Not So Great Great.

Last night we took Arianna to see Tintin. She's been bugging us to see the movie so we finally gave in and took her to the movies. Neither my husband or I were very familiar with the story line and I only semi-recognized the cartoon, so we were pretty much were going into this blind. But after watching the movie, I can say that I didn't think it was so great.

The graphics were amazing, and even the storyline was engaging (even though pretty long for a children's movie) but I was more upset at the drinking, violence and gun use. I mean, this is a kids movie right? I thought it was a little inappropriate and unnecessary. I mean at one point a character gets violently gun downed in a doorway and spells out his dying words in his own blood.

Really?? Is that necessary?

Maybe this movie would be more appropriate for tweens and not so much for kindergartners, like my daughter. I will say that she liked it, but I was definitely uncomfortable with her watching some of it.

Have you watched Tin Tin? What did you think?

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