Thursday, January 26, 2012

Take Care of Your Skin Naturally. {Featured Guest Post.}

Nearly every woman expresses some kind of concern about her skin as she ages. We all worry about sun spots and even those fine lines and crow's feet. While I personally adore crow's feet (they mean you've laughed and lived a little!), I don't want my skin to look dull or papery thin as I begin to add a few years on to my life. To combat these obvious signs of aging, I have started to look for some great skin care products – especially for my face.

On this search, however, I have learned that not all skin care products are created equal – even the high dollar ones. Most of the skin care products that I came across were riddled with additional chemicals and unnatural additives. I want my face to get clean and my lotions and toners to restore my skin's color and suppleness, but I definitely don't want my skincare products to irritate my skin further – which those with alcohol and chemicals can easily do.

Recently though, I was able to come across a whole line of natural skin care products, Pai Skincare, which was natural, meaning free of parabens and other harsh chemicals. I already try to keep our diets fairly natural in the house and am always on the look-out for great ways to make a greener life for myself and my family, so I figured, “why not? I'll give these a shot.”

To my surprise the natural skincare products were just as effective, if not more so, as any of my friends' high-end traditional products. I also didn't have to worry about slathering on extra lotion from chemicals drying out my skin preventing me from having a greasy looking t-zone or any surprise breakouts. They also gave me the added benefits of the natural vitamins and minerals that are within the products themselves.
Another additional perk to buying natural products is that most of them come in plant-based biodegradable packaging, making living a little more green even easier. I like that I can actually buy a product that is good for me, and good for the environment. In addition, they aren't tested on animals so I can purchase them completely guilt free. However, natural skin care products can be a little more expensive than some traditional brands so don't be afraid to shop around to make sure that you can get the best deal on the best product for you.

Disclosure: This has been a Featured Guest Post and was not written by me. Please see disclaimer/disclosure for more info.


  1. Thanks for the great post. You highlight an great product & also incredible amount of work about beauty.

  2. She is so cute & innocent & giving lots of inspiration to every reader of blog

  3. Quite interesting post you shared here about natural skin care and so is the product you shared here for skin care..Thanks

  4. When it comes to skin care cost doesn't matter. Atleast natural products do not cause any harm to skin compare to chemical products.


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