Thursday, January 5, 2012

Princess Night: Vera Wang's New Fragrance.

Vera Wang is expanding her Princess line to include a new fragrance aptly named Princess Night. Described as a blend of exotic flowers, fruits and woody tones and inspired by the sparkle of the city lights at night, the bottle is covered in deep purple glitter, capturing the essence of a princess after dark.

I'm a fan of the original Princess fragrance and have it on top of my vanity as we speak. It's one of the fragrances I have in my daily rotation, so I can't wait to smell this new one. Hey, at the very least it will look pretty on your shelf, right?

Princess Night is available at counters now for $45-$75.

  Are you a fan of the Princess fragrance line?


  1. The bottle is a little youthful for my taste.

  2. I agree, but this is the same bottle for ALL her fragrances and I really do love how the original one smells!


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