Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unconventional Christmas.

Our Christmases have always been filled with customary gatherings and family traditions, but this year we were thrown a little for a loop when our Christmas eve and Christmas Day plans were changed in a moments notice.

My in-laws had a few emergencies that kept them from coming over to celebrate Christmas in our new home, so we ended up celebrating the holiday the unconventional way. For the first time ever--I didn't cook a Christmas Eve dinner. Instead we headed out to a restaurant and had a quiet dinner for three. It wasn't what I I was expecting to be doing on Christmas Eve, but I gotta say that I kinda loved it. The food was delish and no clean-up afterwards! Plus I got to spend one-on-one time with the 2 people I care most about in this world. What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve? After stuffing our faces we headed out for a late movie and made it home just in time to bake Santa his cookies and call it a night.

Christmas morning was spent fully enjoying my daughter face light up as she opened every present. Seeing her happy makes all the running around and late night wrapping worth it. Even though the preparations take weeks and the unwrapping just takes just a few moments--it's all worth it in the end. Santa came, and must have thought we were very good this year, because we were all very happy with the presents he left.

Then, after all the gifts were open we made our way into the city to see my husband's family. Hey, if they couldn't come to us--we'd go to them, right? And I'm glad we did, because what an awesome day we had! There's nothing better than laughing, eating, and spending time with people you love. ♥

How did you spend your holiday weekend?


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Ours was great! Fun seeing P enjoy her presents.

  2. Glad to hear! There's nothing better than seeing our little ones open presents on xmas. :)


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