Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bold & Sexy Holiday Make-Up.

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Everyone says never wear a bold eye with a red lip, but I say be a rule-breaker! A dark smokey eye can look sexy and glamorous when paired with the right shade of red. I found this pic and couldn't help but be instantly inspired by the gorgeous make-up! Sure, her look was done professionally but creating this look at home isn't as hard as you think!

They key to creating a smokey eye is to blend. blend. blend. Try to avoid harsh lines by using a dome brush to blend your eyeshadows and create a smooth transition. Remember to keep the darkest shade on the outer V of your eye and blend inwards. Also stay clear of glittery eyeshadow to avoid looking like you were playing in mommy's make-up bag --instead stick to matte's.

As far as finding the perfect red lipstick--well there's really no secret to it, other than trying on a million shades of red until you find the perfect one that works for you and your skin tone. But, I will say to outline your lips with your favorite red lip liner first, because it will act as a good base and will keep your lipstick from fading through out the day.

I must admit I'm not a big risk taker when it comes to my day-to-day make-up routine, but this holiday season I think I might spice it up a bit and try this bold look on myself. I'm thinking of using MAC's Shadowy Lady and Carbon to create a smokey eye and Ruby Woo for the lips. What do you think?

Would you try this look for a holiday party or event?

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  1. I always think I will buy Carbon and always shy away from it, but I'll bet it looks amazing with Shadowy Lady.

  2. You should! It's a great eyeshadow to use for a smokey eye. ;)


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