Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Mission: Find The Perfect Girls Winter Coat.

Come December we'll be moving to New York, so this weekend I thought I'd taken advantage of Gap's 40% Friends and Family discount to buy my daughter a good winter coat. She's got coats, but nothing to withstand the harsh winter up north, so I decided to hit up Gapkids figuring I would find some good options there. Unfortunately my local store didn't have too many winter options (it's Florida after all) and the reviews I read online about their coats made me high-tail it out of there!

Then I heard that Old Navy had a 50% outerwear sale this weekend so I went there and did find some options, but I wasn't crazy about any of them. As you can see by my daughter's face she wasn't too happy with the brown coat, (she wanted something pink) and the pink coat they did have I wasn't feeling, so I got on my trusty smart phone and saw they had a frost free toggle jacket that had really good reviews, was pink, and I liked! BUT they didn't have her size online!! UGH.

After making the poor Old Navy associate call EVERY store in the Orlando area I called 1800-Oldnavy and found out they had ONE available 15mins away from my in-laws in New York so YES I made them go get it. LOL. Gotta love my in-laws!!

This weekend's mission: ACCOMPLISHED.

What was your weekend mission?


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