Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kelly Cutrone Takes Andre Leon Talley's Seat On ANTM.

Just when I was set to delete America's Next Top Model from my DVR I heard some news that made my ears perk up: Kelly Cutrone, the PR guru and ultimate bad-ass herself will be joining the next season of America's Next Top Model! And not only will she be joining, but she will be replacing Andre Leon Talley as judge.

Quite frankly I'm happy to see Andre and his dreck-itude go. I never liked him to begin with and his eccentricities just deepened my disesteem (I don't care how fabulous his credentials are.)

No word on whether there was drama between Tyra and Andre, but let's be real--this is Tyra we're talking about and let's not forget how many judges she has lost due to her divaness charm.

But back to the good news though, Kelly and her tell-it-like-it-is attitude is sure to make for some good entertainment next season. I can only imagine what her sharp tongue will do to these young impressionable girls, but one thing she'll tell them for certain is--"If you have to cry, go outside."

What do you think of Kelly Cutrone as a new judge? Are you a fan?

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  1. No way! I hadn't heard. That's one of my fave shows!!


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