Friday, October 7, 2011

Jordana Brewster's Look For Less.

Jordana's look is definitely on trend for fall--from her polka dot sweater, right down to her lace-up booties. It's comfort-meets-style--making it ideal for any woman to wear, and the perfect example of how to put together a trendy outfit without going too over the top. Want to channel her outfit for a lot less cash? Try my look for less options--nothing is over $50!!

Polka Dot Pullover-$22.80 (Forever21)
Cuffed Jeans-$19.99 (Alloy)
Brown Saddle Tote-$27.50 (Old Navy)
Brown Belt-$13.97 (ASOS)
Sunglasses-$5.80 (Forever21)
Lace Ankle Boots-$48.50 (Charlotte Russe)


  1. Cute outfit. Those lace booties are a steal!

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