Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Lord, Kayne West THINKS He's A Fashion Designer. {#PFW}

In case you've hadn't heard, there were rumors circulating saying that Kayne West had enrolled in fashion school a while back and was secretly working on a collection. Welp, this past weekend fashion-goers got to see first-hand his debut collection DW by Kayne West during Paris Fashion Week.

First of all, no he did not bum-rush a show. This was actually his fashion show people were attending. But unfortunately for him, no one told me that he can't design women's clothes to save his life. His debut collection consisted of ill fitting clothes, with plunging necklines that would make even J.LO blush, and lots and lots of zippers, skin-tight leather pants, with jackets and sweaters. (Wait, he does know this is for SPRING/SUMMER 2012, right?)

Maybe Kayne should learned to use some scissors before trying to put out a collection. Just a thought....

What do you think of his debut collection? 

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  1. OMG. What was he thinking? Some of the pieces are horrendous!!

  2. Yeah, I'm not feeling it. Half of them look like the girls git out of bed and safety pinned a blanket around their waists.


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