Monday, October 31, 2011

Celeb Looks: Yay or Nay? {Halloween Edition}

Today is officially Halloween, but most have been celebrating the festivities all weekend long thanks to fun costume parties and events! Our favorite celebs also got in on the action and dressed up for the occasion. Some donned amazing costumes, while others not so much. You decide...

Gwen Stefani looked pretty as a princess dressed-up as Cinderella to Kate Hudson's famous Halloween Bash. The singer left her usual rocker chic vibe and traded it in for a fairy-tale dress with a tiara and all!

My Verdict: Yay.

Also attending Kate Hudson's Halloween party was Jessica Alba dressed up as a Witch. Her costume included a black and purple netted hat and corset. Not the most original or best looking costume in my opinion.

My Verdict: Nay.

Nicole Richie dressed-up as old school J.LO in a velour tack suit, hoop earrings, and aviators. She actually pulls off JLO remarkably well, don't you think?

My Verdict: Yay.

Bethenny Frankel let her inner child reign with a Hello Kitty get-up in Las Vegas. I love Bethenny AND Hello Kitty, but the costume comes off as a little tacky.

My Verdict: Nay

Michael Kors did a hilarious impersonation of a Marachi band member in New York.  The make-up so good you can hardly recognize him!

My Verdict: Yay

Kim Kardashian is always one to dress up in a sexy costume, and this year is no different. I must admit she makes a gorgeous Poison Ivy though.

My Verdict: Yay.

Heidi Klum always goes ALL OUT for her costumes, but this year she might have out-done herself! For her Las Vegas party, she was dressed as an anatomically correct body. (Which kinda freaks me out a little bit..but isn't that what Halloween is all about?)

My Verdict: Yay

Which costume did you love or hate? 
Share your thoughts!

photos: popsugar


  1. Nicole Richie fit has me smh! Instead of Jlo looks like she used to look before Rachel Zoe got her hands on her.

  2. Ha! You might be right about that one. :)

  3. Gwen actually looks exactly like Cinderella! Heidi Klum always does something amazing.

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