Monday, October 24, 2011

Better Than Roses.

My husband is on a roll.

He recently left town for work so I used this opportunity to take my daughter to spend some quality time with my mother before our big move up north, so we've been staying with her. Last week, he completely caught me off guard by sending me a beautiful bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries out of the blue with a note attached that said "Just Because I Love You." (I know. Swoon.)

Well this weekend I received a package that literally made my heart melt. ♥

Although I love my mother dearly, her computer had me on a brink of losing my mind and I was one twitch away from taking a hockey stick to it. I distinctly remember asking her before I left if her computer works or if I should take mine. Her answer was "yes of course it works!"

Well, what she should of said is Yes. I have a machine that resembles a computer but it's a piece of junk and it's on it's deathbed, and this weekend that's just what it did. It died.

Of course this whole time I've been whining like a 5yr old to my husband so unbeknownst to me he had ordered me a new laptop and had it shipped my way already!! (Double Swoon.) The timing couldn't have been more perfect and I couldn't be happier with my new little bundle of joy.

I got me a good egg, ladies. I'll take a laptop over roses ANY DAY. Thanks hunny!  :)


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