Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Star-Quality Style On A Budget.

Labor day weekend is here, which means summer is winding down and fall fashion is on the horizon! Exciting as that is, it may leave some us wondering how we're going to afford a whole new wardrobe on such a tight budget?

PhotobucketWell, the good news is that fashion doesn't have to mean high price tags or designer labels. Fashion can be just as fun and stylish through stores like Kmart that offer quality items at bargain prices!

Last year they completely blew my mind when they stepped up their fashion game and provided us with drool-worthy items, like this military pea coat, remember? This year they're back with even more affordable fashions that offer star-quality style, even for the trendiest of fashionistas!


So now that you know where to shop, what do you get?

They key to having awesome style is to pick items that suit your personality and make you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Period. It doesn't matter if what you have on doesn't cost a million bucks. All that matters is that you feel like a million bucks when you're wearing it!

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when updating your wardrobe this fall:
  • Pick items and accessories that you can have fun with and build your wardrobe on. 
  • Don't be so quick to fall for the latest trends. Feel what's right for you.
  • Choose things that you love and know that you would wear more than once.
It boils down to the fact that dropping a ton of cash on a trend isn’t an automatic to cool. Style is a cocktail. Part confidence. Part creativity. Part risk. When you got it, you got it. And that’s why others want it, because money can’t buy style.

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