Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bows-N-Ties Make The Man.

I just love a man in a suit. There's nothing more appealing than a sharply dressed man with a tailored jacket and crisp trousers, nothing.  But dressing sharp is not just about finding the right suit. It's also in the small details-- like picking the right tie, or cuff link, and choosing right handkerchief that truly shows off a man's personal style.

Bows-N-Ties is the perfect place to find those small details to really make the difference. They have a FANTASTIC selection of ties, bow-ties, cuff links and more. I was really amazed at the endless variety of styles and colors they offer and even more at their pricing! (I don't think I saw a single tie over $25--with some even starting at just $9.90!)

But Bows-N-Ties is more than just your average tie shop. They also offer fashion tips, and complete step-by-step instructions on how to tie your ties, bow ties, and ascots.

One of my favorite features (that may be overlooked by some) is their shirt and suit recommendation with each tie. Check out the helpful tips they gave with the ties I picked out for my husband.

For a more formal/conservative look we suggest to pair this tie with white dress shirt and solid gray or charcoal suit. Want a "lighter", trendier look? Then pair this tie with light rose dress shirt and gray herringbone patterned suit.

The perfect necktie for the gray or charcoal colored suit. This tie looks best when worn during the fall season in combination with gray suit and solid white dress shirt.

Overall, a great online retailer and resource for men. Their quality and service is outstanding! And I would definitely recommend that you visit them sometime soon. In fact, Bows-N-Ties is giving all Babblings of a Mommy readers 20% if you use the code: babblingsofamommy. Enjoy!

*Samples were provided for review purposes. See disclaimer/disclosure for more info.


  1. Just in time for all the Guys going to Homecoming! That man does look oh so dapper!

    Came over to catch up on your awesome blog.

    jenny at dapperhouse (from BV)

  2. That's Gregory Peck. So classy. ;)

  3. it was my maternal grandfather who taught me how to tie my tie properly just like in the graphic. i knew i did it right especially if that dimple showed up in the center c",)

  4. My brother taught me how to tie a man's tie. There's something about woman knowing how to tie her man's tie that I think is sexy. ;)


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