Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tea Time With My Daughter @ The American Girl Cafe. [Video]

If you have a daughter/niece/or granddaughter there is one thing you have to do when you're in NYC--and that is go to the American Girl Cafe. I promise you--you will have a great time--and they will have a day to remember forever.

While we were in New York my daughter, mother-in-law, and I decided to have a girls day and one of the things on our list was to have Tea Time at American Girl store. My daughter got her first AG doll last Christmas and has been ob-sessed with the brand ever since!

The Cafe is just as cute as you would think it would be. Everything is black, white, or pink, with a little European flair. They have a few souvenirs you can take home with you, like the "napkin rings" that are really hair ties and a flower that comes with the dessert.

In each table they have a high chair set up for the dolls to join you, and if you forgot to bring your AG doll they have dolls in the back you can borrow from (which I thought was nice.) Also each doll gets their own tea set too--which is flat out the cutest thing ever!

To dine in the Cafe you have to book in advance (I did mine 2 weeks in advance) but I'm not sure if they allow same day booking or not. Tea time is $20 per person and comes with it's on set menu, which includes a treat tray with appetizers and sweets along with your drinks. If you want to sit down and have a hearty meal I suggest that you book lunch or dinner instead. Everything was delish, but what I enjoyed more was watching my daughter have "the best day ever!" :)

Find out more about dinning at the AG Cafe here [American Girl]

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  1. The Video was amazing she is so cute.....

  2. I went to the one in LA with my daughter and I was so skeptical but LOVED it! Such an experience for little girls. I cannot wait to go again! Glad you guys had such a good time too!


  3. Thanks! It was such a magical day for her, as I'm sure it was for your little girl too!


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