Friday, August 19, 2011

Oops, I did it again. [GapKids Back-to-School Shopping.]

While in NYC last week I went back-to-school shopping for my daughter and spent an obscene amount of money at Gapkids. (I put together a little graphic to show you a couple of things I picked up, although quite of few items are not available online.)

I admit. I have a problem. I've already told you how obsessed I am with them! And in my defense I went to look at several other stores but their selections sucked, so I had to return twice (ok, maybe 3 times) to get all her back-to-school clothes. Also a lot of stuff was on sale and on one of the trips I got to use the Friends & Family discount which saved me $160!!!

See! It's not that bad...just don't let my husband see the bill. ;)

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