Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Crying Game.

As some of you may know my daughter started Kindergarten this week, and boy has it been a mission already! She has been crying every single day I've gone to pick her up! It's unbelievable! You would have thought placing her in Pre-K last year would have helped her separation anxiety, but I guess that's not the case. Last year she only cried one day mind you, and then she was fine. This time she has cried every afternoon from what the teachers have told me.

I've tried comforting and reassuring her that it's fine. I've tried explaining to her over and over (and over) again that I will always be there to pick her up, but she still ends up having a breakdown at school. I don't know what to do! I know it takes time to adjust and I understand that this school is 10x's bigger than her last school, but I don't get why 4 days in and she's still crying! She just tells me that she missed me, or wanted to go home, or didn't know what was going on. Ugh. I want her to be OK, but I also want her to put her big girl panties on!

I have no idea what to do. I told her today that if I picked her up and she wasn't crying that I would take her for some ice-cream. I don't care if you call that bribing, or if you think that I'm rewarding her from something she should be doing anyway. I'm just trying to find a way for her to cope, and finally find it in her to get over this fear that she has.

And if ice-cream helps, so be it.

Has this happen to you? What did you do?

UPDATE: The bribery worked!!!!!!!!!! She didn't cry at school all day (at least from what she told me) and she wasn't crying when I went to pick her up, even when they changed their dismissal location because of the rain!! So guess who got to go get some ice-cream?

I'm so happy!! Ice cream works people. lol


  1. I am putting my oldest in pre-k this year, so I have NO advice. BUT...just fyi: I doubt that there isnt a parent out there that has never used a bribing tactic! hey, you're searching for anything - I understand THAT! Good luck. Hope next week goes better!

    Suggestion: What if you sent a notecard with her that had the class schedule on it (you might have to make a different one for each day, depending on the schedule your teacher has) she could keep it in her pocket (or on her desk) and look at the "picture schedule" so she could follow her day that way...she would know when mommy comes. GOOD LUCK!

  2. The same thing happend to me! Abby was fine in Pre-k, never cried , but Kinder was a different story. She cried every morning and it would break my heart:( With Abby it was the all day schedule. In pre-k she was half day, so that had a big impact on her. But she got over it after like 2 weeks. So hang in there! And if bribing works, then use whatever you can.

  3. We aren't even close to that yet, but do daycare at the gym (for two hours) and for the first few weeks it was rough. Now he's like, peace out woman, I'm off to play with some cars.
    Bribe away!

  4. Hmm...tricky. My son is in preschool this year, and here I was hoping that would ease the transition into 'big/full day' school next year!! I can say this however, don't feel guilty about bribing; after all, you won't need to do it once she gets completely adjusted to her new surroundings. So go ahead and feed your li'l princess some pink ice cream!

  5. Thanks for all the advice and support ladies. I posted an update on how it went. :)

  6. HA!! Ice-cream works here too! We're not there yet but I think kids can really work themselves into bad habits for attention of whatever. Seems perfectly normal. Goodness she's cute!


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