Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 Fall Transitional Pieces For The Everyday Woman.

Not everyone has the time nor the wardrobe to step out of the house looking like you're ready to step into a fashion photo shoot. (Heck, most of us moms are lucky we even get to brush our teeth and run a comb through our hair before we run out the door in the morning!)

But looking polished and put together isn't as hard as you might think. Keeping simple classic pieces in your closet to transition you from summer to fall is all you need to help you look stylish and fashionable all season long--no matter how little time you had to get dress.

1. Trench Coat.
Every woman has to have one. It's timeless, classic, and will never go out of style.

2. Leopard Bag.
I wasn't an animal print person myself, but I've now come to embrace the chicness of it.

3. Loafer Pumps.
Always functional and versatile, especially for the fall season.

[fendi | h&m]

4. Chunky Sweater.
Your B.F.F. day or night.

5. Cashmere Scarf.
Lasts you a lifetime and will instantly transform any outfit.

6. Boot-cut Jeans.
Skinny jeans will come and go, but a boot-cut lasts forever--that's what I say anyway...

What are some of your classic fall pieces?


  1. I am loving the loafer pumps right now! I was never an animal print person either, but lately I've been reconsidering. That bag is gorgeous!!!

  2. That bag would definitely make you reconsider animal print. ;)

  3. absolutely agree with EVERYTHING. I love that flares are back!

  4. Thanks! I love Boot-cut jeans too. They're classic and look flattering on everybody.

  5. Sign me up for everything but the cashmere...I'm allergic...Isn't that sad? : (


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