Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SJP Returns To Vogue And Give Us Sneak Peek Into Home Life.

If there is one actress that holds a special place in my ♥ it would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker.

For years I spent in front of the small screen fully enjoying her performance as Carrie Bradshaw. To this day, if an episode of Sex and The City is on--you can bet I'm watching it!

It brings back a slew of emotions and an enormous amount of memories with each and every episode. And even though Ms. Parker has made some questionable movie choices since the show's demise, I will forever put her on a pedestal.

For the August issue of Vogue (out now) SJP talks about juggling 3 kids, acting, producing, charity work and her new movie, aptly named 'I Don't Know How She Does It?'

Plus she gives us a sneak peak into her home life and adorable snap shots of her family.

Too see more pics or read the cover story go to

photos & source: vogue


  1. Her twins are so cute! and that black and white picture of her and her husband is gorgeous.


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