Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoe Fetish Of The Week: Alexander McQueen

You see these boots right here? This is EXACTLY why I love fall fashion!

These gorgeous boots are none other than the Alexander McQueen Buckle Strap Suede Boots in Bleu Nuit and even though they're ridiculously expensive, you can see why I am in love ladies.

With it's lofty heel, buckle straps, folded accent and deep blue suede--you really can't resist the power of McQueen.

Sigh. Is it fall yet?


  1. Me too! I'm so over this heatwave.

  2. Hello,

    Alexander mcqueen is one of the most famous and respected international fashion design in the world. which offers unique products and excellent quality and reasonable price. equally important is to maintain them and keep them clean.
    Thanks a lot....


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