Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rachel Zoe's Baby Closet, It's Major.

It's pretty absurd to be jealous of a 4month old's closet--but not everyone has a closet like Rachel Zoe's son Skylar. This baby nursery is decked out in luxe footwear, custom-made Missoni sweaters and his very own Gucci leather bomber jacket! (OMG. Do you die? I Die.)

ABC news gave us a peek into Rachel's life and home and even broke news when Rachel revealed she has a children's clothing line in the works--with plenty of cute boy clothes. Can you imagine?! Now that's major!

source & videos: abc news


  1. OMG... I die. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her and my hubs and I were stoked to find out she had a baby. :-) I can't wait for that kids line. My little boy needs some cool clothes too!!

  2. I was excited for her too! You know that kids line is going to be ba-nanas right? :)

  3. I missed this so I'm so happy you posted it. I'm happy for her. Motherhood really changes your perspective, doesn't it?

  4. You're welcome! And it sure does. It's the best gift ever!


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