Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Dog Is Narcoleptic.

No, really.

All he does is sleep all day. You would think that with the amount of naps he takes he would be working the fields, herding livestock somewhere. But really the only "work" this spoiled pooch does is follow me from one spot of the house to the next.

Jason and I laugh about it all the time comparing him to yellow dog from Funny Farm. Remember that movie? It's friggin hilarious. The dog is so lazy he doesn't even move when his tail starts burning in the fireplace so Chevy Chase has to stomp it out with his foot. lol

Yup. That's our Bolt.

In fact, he's laying down taking a nap by my feet as I type this post.

Don't worry, he's not depressed. As soon as someone comes over he'll be doing laps around the house because he's so excited.

He's just very mellow dog and an excellent snuggler. :)

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