Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't Judge Me.

Today is a monumental day for me. Today is the day I stop fighting my urges. Today is the day I stop turning away. Today is the day I admit that...Jessica Simpson has cute shoes--There, I said it!

I can't keep ignoring them or turning my nose away, simply because of the name printed on the bottom of the sole. I have to swallow my pride and just. let. it. go. The girl has some cute shoes, damnit!

I know, I kinda hate myself for admitting it too.

But in case you have a hard time believing me,

here are a few for you to digest...

Elso-$89/ Collie-$98

Kowloon-$59/ Kooza-$89

Did I mention they were all under $100?

See, I knew I could win you over... :)


  1. Those are Jessica Simpson shoes?? Wow!!

    Now only if I could wear I think I would fall over in them. :)

    They are cute though....

  2. They're all a little "stripper" though, don't you think? The Kowloon maybe but otherwise they're just knock offs. Sorry, I'm a hater ;)

  3. LOL. Well someone get me a pole cuz I think they're kinda cute! Don't worry, I was sipping on that haterade yesterday. ;)


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