Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How Do You Blush?

I just came across a tip from make-up artist Michael Pierce, that I found interesting. He suggests to put on blush before any anything else to get more natural flushed cheeks:

"You should wear the makeup, the makeup shouldn't wear you," so with that being said, in order to get the most natural-looking blush application, "put blush on first and then concealer or foundation, this way it looks more like [the color] is coming from within the skin."

Now I've heard of using cheek stain for a more natural-look, (although I'm a powder blush girl myself), but I've never heard of applying underneath your make-up to get the same effect. I think that if you're trying to cover up your blush that much, you must be using the wrong shade for your skin-tone. What do you think?

source: totalbeauty

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