Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Reader Request} Stylish Cross-Body Bags--For Less!

Julia over @ BoysBeCool asked me if I can help her find the perfect cross-body bag that she's been desperately searching for. (OK, first of all I'm honored just to be even asked, and second of all--you all know what a bag whore I am--so of course I said, YES!)

Julia is looking for the perfect balance of "price and soul." Translation=She wants a hot bag that looks like a million bucks--but doesn't cost a million bucks. So Julia, hopefully one of these will strike a cord with you:

(All bags are $50 and under)
erekson-$45/ hayden-$19.99

tones-$50/ kreisher-$50

urban expressions-$49.95/ nine west mini-$19.95

Another recommendation I have for you is this Steve Madden Frequent Flyer bag that I'm a bit obsessed with. It's a little pricier than the rest, but is still at a modest $68.00

Hope that helps Julia! :)

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