Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Dinosaur Adventure & A Trip Down The Bayou. {Blast From The Past}

Last night we visited T-Rex Cafe. For those of you who are not from the area, it's a themed restaurant that opened up a couple months back in Downtown Disney. We've passed by it several times but this time we decided to eat there instead. We had such a great time. What an ah-mazing experience for kids and adults.

Even though we had a 45 minute wait it really flew by because there is so much to see inside the restaurant. From animatronic creatures hanging from the ceiling to a live aquarium, to a gift shop and Build-A-Dinosaur (which is Build-A-Bear except all dinosaur themed). Arianna got to pick herself a dinosaur that she named "Harry" and the two of them were inseparable for the rest of the night.
Once we got seated, we got to enjoy the "meteor showers" every 20 minutes which is when the whole restaurant comes alive with dinosaur roars and the lights dim and change colors--yeah, really cool. One thing this restaurant is, is LOUD so don't go there expecting you'll get a nice romantic dinner or that you'll even be able to hear the person across from you. LOL

The food was surprisingly delicious. We've been to Rainforest Cafe several times, in fact we had Arianna's first B-Day party at the Rainforest, and we all know that we go there just for a nice experience not necessarily for the food--but T-Rex was completely different. Everything we ordered was fantastic! I had their rotisserie chicken with vegetables and hubby ordered their Boneyard Plate which was a mix of chicken and ribs, but that's not all. After our main entrees we enjoyed their Chocolate Extinction which is a MASSIVE dessert of chocolate cake and ice cream. It was heaven, but I think we over did ourselves..we didn't make a dent on this thing. LOL

T-Rex is a bit expensive so do expect to pay a pretty penny when you go but you'll leave wanting to unbutton a button or two so at least you'll leave satisfied. :)

After we rolled out of T-Rex we decided to be adventurous and go on a riverboat. (I swear, we've lived here for several years and never knew about these darn boats!). We THOUGHT we were going to a Boardwalk but ended up going downstream through a heavy swap area which had Jason and I glancing at each other laughing thinking "where the hell are we going?? BUT we were down for the adventure--that's how we roll.

Finally the boat stopped and dropped us off in the middle of New Orleans! (Or what seemed to be New Orleans anyway). It was a cute little resort with a very southern charm theme. It had a small square with shops and live bayou music. Of course the specialty shops had a lots of Princess and the Frog stuff so my daughter was losing her mind in there. She even had a chance to have a little late night fun in the play ground before we had to make our way back to the riverboat to take us back to where we came from.

We got home L-A-T-E and exhausted but we all fell asleep with smiles on our faces...


  1. My boys would LOVE this!!! Wish we had one in our downtown Disney!!

  2. It's a GREAT restaurant! You definitely need to try it. I know they have several locations in the US.


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