Monday, June 6, 2011

Beauty On A Budget: Nars Turkish Delight. {Blast From The Past}

Yaaay!! My daughter is graduating this week!! Even though it's just preschool, we have family in town for the occasion, so I won't be on Babblings too much. Instead I'll leave you all with some blast from the past posts. Hope you enjoy! :)

I think Nars should Cut Kim Kardashian a check because she has single-handedly sky rocketed the sale of Nars Turkish Delight lipgloss once she started going around town saying that this is the lipgloss she uses. I know some people liked it before she appeared on the map but now EVERYONE and their mother knows about it!

So if you envy Kim's lip color listen up, because I have my top 3 alternative dupes for Turkish Delight if you don't want to spend the $24 (ouch!) on Nars Turkish Delight.

1. NYX Goddess of the Night in Biege ($5)--I know it says "biege" but it's not it's more of a nude pinkish color. (I bought mine at ULTA a few months back. I can't find it online so this maybe just an in-store product)

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Pink Whisper($6-7)--I really like Revlon's lip glosses. I find them to be moisturizing, not too sticky, and they don't have that weird smell that most lip glosses have. (BTW I carry "Nude Lustre" everywhere with me. It's a good every day lipgloss) You can buy them in various drugstores or major retailers

3. Neutrogena Moisture Shine Gloss in Groove ($6-8)--THIS is the one everyone raaaves about being almost identical to Turkish Delight. I think it's...ok. I will agree that the color is very similar but what I don't like about Neutrogena's lip glosses is the stickiness and they also dry out very quick. If these two things don't bother you than this is the perfect dupe! You can buy it at various drugstores or major retailers.

Have you tried any of these? What's YOUR favorite lip gloss? Let me know!

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