Monday, May 2, 2011

Summer Survival Tools For Moms.

Every mom has "survival tools" to help her through the summer months. Here are some of mine.....

SPF: Let's face it, the sun is just plain brutal. Ladies, we gotta protect our skin from those damaging rays! Especially in the summer, with all the outdoor activities planned. I'm a Neutrogena gal myself, but any sunblock protection, is good protection I say.

Sunnies: I love me a pair of sunglasses! They instantly transform your face and bump up your coolness factor (even if you're kids think you don't have any. Whatever. What do they know anyway?) These Kate Spade ones are fantastical! Ultra classic and chic.

Summer Tote: Every mom needs a summer tote. It updates you're everyday run-of-the-mill mom uniform into something special. But why a tote? It fits everything from your everyday necessities to your kids toys! Always gotta be prepared, right? This one from Vince Camuto is ideal.

Beach Cover-Up: As much as we avoid swimsuits like the plague, summer time means: pool parties, beach vacations, and other water activities. So for me, that means a good cover-up. (After all, I'd rather leave the screams of small children to clowns and horror films.) Victoria's Secret always has some cute ones.

Lightweight Foundation: Having heavy make-up foundation running down you're face is not cute. Even for a full coverage girl like myself, changing my full coverage foundation to a lightweight one is a must in the summer. CoverGirl's Nature Luxe foundation is excellent.

Bright Polish: Pretty up those nails by changing your dark manicures to summer brights! I don't know why, but this always puts me in a good mood and puts me in that summer state-of-mind.

So, what are some of your summer survival tools?


  1. You're hysterical! I always enjoy reading your posts. =) I like that summer tote and those butter polishes are so pretty!

  2. I have to try that sunblock. Regular sunblock tends to make me break out because it is so thick and heavy. Do you know if Walmart carries it?

  3. Amy: Thanks hun! :)

    Jill: I always buy mine at CVS but I know that Walmart also carries Neutrogena. I'm sure you can find it there. Try it--it's great!


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