Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Fashion Report.

It may have been the fairy tale wedding of the century, but it was also the royal fashion showdown of the year! British women everywhere came decked out in their quirkiest hats trying to outshine one another--and it was bloody fantastic!

So, who caught my little eye in a sea of over-the-top fashion?

1. Kate Middleton.

Obviously, Kate takes the cake (pun intended) with these two GOR-GEOUS Alexander McQueen custom-made wedding dresses!! I mean really--absolutely stunning!! Both dresses were simple, elegant, and timeless. Perfect for a modern day princess.

2. Pippa Middleton

Although people here in the States were practically convulsing that a maid of honor would wear white to a wedding--I think Pippa looked beautiful in her ivory Sarah Burton for McQueen dress.

3. Lady Frederick Windsor

By far, my favorite look from the Royal Wedding guests! How classy does Lady Fredrick Windsor look in her navy diamond pattern suit and sculpted straw hat?! This is royalty at it's best, people.

4. Princess Victoria

Princess V. keeps it a little sassy and sexy in a body hugging coral wrap dress and wide-brim hat. Gotta love it!

5. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice

If you have the balls to wear these outfits--you're pretty awesome in my book! Princess Eugine wore a electric blue Vivienne Westwood suit and Princess Beatrice wore a blush color Valentino Coat. Both were topped off with Philip Treacy hats.

6. Prince Harry

My list wouldn't be complete without a little shout-out to Prince Harry for looking devilishly handsome in his royal uniform.

The Royal Disappointments:
Victoria Beckham and Chelsy Davis.

I understand that Victoria Beckham is preggers--but there is no excuse for this drab tent dress! The only thing that saves this outfit is the sky high Louboutins she's wearing.

Chelsy Davis (Harry's gf) looks like a Lindsay Lohan mess in the Alberta Ferretti dress and Victoria Grant hat. She literally looks like she just rolled out of bed. Not cute girlfriend.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me?
Who were some of your faves--let me know!

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  1. Totally agree with all of your comments except concerning Beatrice & Eugenie. Those outfits were AWFUL! It didn't take guts to wear them ... it took bad taste.

  2. Yes, I have to agree with you. Kate looked beautiful. She makes a gorgeous princess and she carries herself so well.

  3. I agree with your assessments completely!

  4. I adore your Royal Fashion Report!
    You did it with competence and a little bit ironic, it was interesting to read! I agree absolutely!

  5. Karyn: Haha, I know it's a bit over the top but they're young and having fun with it.

    Oksana: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


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