Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hair Week: {Beauty Tip Of The Day} Avoid UV Rays On Colored Hair.

It's almost summer and most of us plan on spending more time outside, but celebrity colorist, Marie Robinson, warns us to be careful with those UV rays, especially if you have colored hair! "Just like our skin, hair pigment changes with the sun so we need to use protection to keep it from burning."


Well, she explains that "the color molecules in our hair can lighten and oxidize when exposed to the sun." So, what should we do? "Just like on our skin, try using SPF formulas for the hair to help reduce fading." (--Marie Robinson owner of Marie Robinson Salon in NYC.)

Other solutions that I've learned over the years is to avoid the sun at it's peak hours (10am-3pm) and if you must be outside, trying wearing a stylish hat or scarf to shield your hair from those darn rays!

What do you do to keep your hair protected in the summer?

source: totalbeauty

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