Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creating Home Galleries.

I ♥ home galleries.

They add such warmth and personality to a home, don't they? They're also a very inexpensive solution to filling up a large and lonely wall. You can add almost anything to a gallery--even mix and match frames and still have a beautiful display on the wall.

I personally like to use photographs. In fact when you first walk-in to my home I have a large wall that I placed a series of black and white photos flanked by a silver antique mirror.
(I've been meaning to add more pictures but I haven't gotten around to it yet.)

My daughter's room also has a small gallery of all her favorite Disney characters alongside an adorable vintage purse.

My home office (aka my mom cave) displays the streets of Paris.
Trés chic, oui?

I think creating galleries around the house are a fun way to give your home a little character, don't you think?


  1. Yes I definitely agree and I do the same in my house. It gives at home feeling. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your holiday weekend!!

  2. Thank you Tye! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous. I have always wanted to do that.

  4. Yes and I love the pictures in this post. Sometimes I don't put up all I want because I don't want to make a mistake, but it looks so interesting and beautiful - I feel like I need to go get a hammer now! Thanks

  5. Cute Blog! I loved it so much I decided to follow! Happy Monday! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!



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