Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chanel's New 'Boy' Handbags.{Love it or Leave it?}

Take a look at Chanel's new 'Boy' handbags arriving in stores in the fall. Karl Lagerfeld, the house creative director said that the inspiration came from a hunter's cartridge that Coco Chanel herself use to wear. "She had this boyish attitude" he said that she got from the love of her life, Boy Capel--whom the collection is named after.

The bags will be available in red, grey and ivory glazed calfskin with the brands logo stamped in relief on the bottom.

What do you think of Chanel's new line? It's a bit of a departure from their signature diamond-patterned quilting style, but I'm totally swooning over this new crisp clean look! How about you?

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