Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back.....Sort of.

I haven't been ignoring you all on purpose--I promise. My mother in law was in town last week and I decided to take a little hiatus from the internet and spend some quality time with the family. It was exactly what I needed to gear me up for the fabulousity I have coming you're way! Although, I didn't get to relax much because my mother in law and I went insane and did some SERIOUS shopping last week. (That Gymboree and Kohl's trip was just the tip of the iceberg). You would have thought we were training for a shopping marathon--it was that crazy! We went to so many stores and bought so much things, it's all become a blur now. haha. No matter how much we tried to resist we. could. not. stop. Needless to say my husband wasn't too thrill until we came home with bags and bags of goodies for him, then he was ok with it. :)

I'm extremely lucky that I really get along with my mother in law, and I actually love spending time with her. We always have a blast together and I'm going to miss her when she's gone. Unfortunately, she leaves today and things will return back to normal here on Babblings. But it's OK, because I'm SUPER excited about the fantastic giveaways lined-up and can't WAIT to share them with you!

Until then, lovelies.....


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