Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess Whose Shoe Closet This Is?

OK. This is giving me a serious case of shoe envy! Wouldn't you die for a shoe closet like this? Every pretty little stiletto lined up nice and neat, color coordinated and categorized. *sigh*

But wait, that's not it.

Here's the other side.....

Although the space is not all that big, and may be trumped by other shoe diva's (like Ms. Mariah Carey). It still houses plenty of Fendi's, Prada's and Louboutin's to make any girl with a shoe fetish crazy jealous.

And realistically, who can ever compete with Mariah?

(This is what my heaven looks like btw.)

So who's the proud owner of this fantasical shoe closet?

Some A-list celeb perhaps?


Some mega fashion designer?


Yup. Khloe Kardashian. And has an exclusive peek into her closet exposing her shoe fetish and professing her love of all that glitters. Take a look.


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