Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Essie Summer 2011 Color Me Braziliant.

I don't know about you, but this new Color Me Braziliant collection from Essie has me dreaming of mai tai's, sandy beaches, and ready for some fun in the sun!

Brazil is the setting for this theme of tropical shades that include sizzling oranges, calming blues, and the dreamiest of pinks.

  • Braziliant (Outrageous, Blazing Orange)
  • Too Too Hot (Fierce Fire Coral)
  • Super Bossa Nova (Pulsating Pink)
  • Meet Me at Sunset (Intense Flamingo Citrine)
  • Smooth Sailing (Dreamiest Blue Topaz)
  • Absolutely Shore (Pale, Seafoam Green)

I'm loving these vibrant colors! How about you?

Available in June. $8


  1. I want to get a job creating names for nail polish. Fierce Fire Coral? Love it!

    henry  happened

  2. I know! How cool would that be?! :)


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