Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BBW's Butterfly Flower= My Newest Obession.

Bath and Body Works was one of the many stops I made in my crazed shopping spree last week. I picked up my usuals like Moonlight Path and even got a full sized bottle of their not released yet Country Chic thanks to a very nice sales rep, but I also picked up their Butterfly Flower for the first time.

First of all, WHY HADN'T ANYONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS FRAGRANCE?!! It smells amazing!! How dare all of you for keeping this delectable scent all to yourselves. I can't believe this collection has been out for 2 YEARS and I didn't know about it! I got the entire collection in case BBW's decide to ruin my life and discontinue it. No lie. I've gotten several compliments from random people since I started wearing it.

Love. Love. Love it.

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