Friday, March 18, 2011

Sole Society--For The Shoe Snob.

If you love scoring yourself a sweet pair a shoes, then you'll be giddy to hear about the launch of a new website called Sole Society! It's a shoe sale site store, and a division of the mega popular HauteLook (a limited-time designer sample sale website). The only difference is that EVERY PAIR featured will only cost you $49.95!! Isn't that amazing?!!

So far, they only have an exclusive label with Marco Santi, but they are said to have plenty more to choose from soon, so stay tuned! Also, this is a member-only site, but the good news is that all you have to do to join is answer a few questions about your personal style.

I got labeled as "Feminine Bohemian Trendy" and my personal style was described as:
"Having a way of adding a flash of boho to every look, whether you're lounging around the house or getting glammed up for a fancy evening affair. Lush fabrics and romantic accessories are key pieces for you. You're stylish but comfortable, laid-back but hip. Maxi dresses, flip-flops, soft tees and cozy sweaters are must-haves in your closet."

I never considered myself "bohemian" but everything else sounds about right! Based on your personal style they will send you shoe recommendations right your inbox! So Cool! Check it out!

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