Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 5yr Old Teenager.

This morning, while I was failing miserably at trying to wake up my daughter for school, I started thinking about how already she acts like a teenager! Do you sometimes feel like that? How did THAT happen?? Where's the innocent little angel that I came home with from the hospital? Where did she go? lol. She's lived a whopping 5 years--and already she thinks she's grown.

Ways I think my daughter acts like a teenager:
  • Impossible to wake-up in the morning, unless it benefits her.
  • Already making excuses on why she can't go to school.
  • Knows how to bat her eyes to get what she wants (I'm taking Puss in Boots has NOTHING on this girl, people)
  • Already a little boy crazy. (Not Justin Bieber crazy, more like Prince Eric from Little Mermaid crazy.)
  • Obsessed with talking on the phone.
  • She requests that you knock before you enter her room. (I'm not kidding.)
  • Occasionally slips up and says "WHAAAAAT?" when you call her.
  • Has a remarkable memory for things that were promised--and not so much for the things she was told to do.
  • Don't even look at her, when she's mad.

I can't IMAGINE when she actually IS a teenager!
Oh boy. Pray for me. :)


  1. LOL--too funny. I think with technology, kids do grow up faster. I'm sorry, but the photo with her on the phone, with her cute little boots is adorable!

  2. Aw, thanks! Yes, she's growing up WAY too fast for me!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Perhaps she's getting it out of her system now so that when she's a teenager she'll be a breeze...(hey us moms have got to dream right?)

    Adorable picture of her though! I had to laugh.

  4. Hilarious. That photo says it all :)

  5. Brace yourself, dear. I am terrified of the upcoming teenage years of my 5 year-old Divo? They would make a diva-licious couple these two 5 going on 15. It's funny, I have this Puss in the boots image on my desktop and use it when I need to apologize or ask for something:) Guess, I am not too far away from a 5 year old;)


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