Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 5yr Old Teenager.

This morning, while I was failing miserably at trying to wake up my daughter for school, I started thinking about how already she acts like a teenager! Do you sometimes feel like that? How did THAT happen?? Where's the innocent little angel that I came home with from the hospital? Where did she go? lol. She's lived a whopping 5 years--and already she thinks she's grown.

Ways I think my daughter acts like a teenager:
  • Impossible to wake-up in the morning, unless it benefits her.
  • Already making excuses on why she can't go to school.
  • Knows how to bat her eyes to get what she wants (I'm taking Puss in Boots has NOTHING on this girl, people)
  • Already a little boy crazy. (Not Justin Bieber crazy, more like Prince Eric from Little Mermaid crazy.)
  • Obsessed with talking on the phone.
  • She requests that you knock before you enter her room. (I'm not kidding.)
  • Occasionally slips up and says "WHAAAAAT?" when you call her.
  • Has a remarkable memory for things that were promised--and not so much for the things she was told to do.
  • Don't even look at her, when she's mad.

I can't IMAGINE when she actually IS a teenager!
Oh boy. Pray for me. :)
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