Wednesday, March 2, 2011

John Galliano Gets The Boot From Dior.

You've probably heard by now that the House of Dior has officially canned designer John Galliano as their creative director and head designer for going completely bananas on video and spewing out anti-semitic remarks and professing his "love of hitler". (Yes, hitler people)

But here's a couple of things you may not know:

  • Sidney Toledano, who is President and CEO of Dior, is himself a son of a Jewish man who fought against Franco’s Hilter-backed Fascists in the Spanish Civil war. He released a statement saying:
    "I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior.”
  • Natalie Portman who's the face of Miss Dior Cherie and also Jewish, not only recently came out with an official statement saying that she was "shocked and disgusted" by Galliano's comments, but also apparently last minute changed her custom-made Dior gown the designer especially had made for her for the Oscar's, once she got wind of his comments and wore the gorgeous burgundy Rodarte gown instead. (Good move, Natalie.)

  • It's actually illegal in France to make anti-semitic remarks and Galliano could be facing possible jail time for his little tirade.
  • Galliano's immediate release is happening right smack in the middle of London's Fashion Week, but Dior's runway show will still be presented this Friday without a hitch.

What a CRAZY and shameful down-fall of an eccentric, but legendary designer...

Any Thoughts?


  1. What an idiot but what can you do. I will say that nathalie portman is a true class act and can do no wrong in my eyes.

  2. Professing his love for Hitler, Galliano forgot that his beloved Adolf gassed not only Jews but also homosexuals, who as far as he and his ideology were concerned were considered evil and under-humans. It's so sad that such talented, mega successful person would be so hateful.

  3. You are absolutely right Julia! I don't know how he can sit there and profess his love of Hitler when he himself would've been a target in his day. Such a shame.


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