Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gap To Close It's Doors. (On Some Stores)

The Gap is reportedly closing down 200 of it's 900 stores by 2013, according to The Independent. Glenn Murphy, the company's CEO and chairman, has come out and announced that this maybe a "a huge opportunity ... to fill in with trend-right products ... and focus on new category development" He also said that the company has "not tried hard enough to attract ethnic minority customers in the US." Whatever that means...I'm a minority, and I LOVE Gap!

Look, I know he's just trying to spin and make it seem like this is a positive thing, but it just feels like they've been really struggling for quite some time now. Remember that hideous logo change last year? (You might not--it lasted a DAY.) According to them, they were trying to "re-invent" the brand...yeah, that didn't go over so well....

All I know is that they BETTER not close my local Gap store down, otherwise my daughter and I will have no place to shop!!!

Are you Gap fan? What do you think?

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