Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celeb Looks: Yay or Nay? (Fergie, Miranda, Vanessa, Jennifer, and Kiera)

My celebrity fashion round-up is a little late this week--but better late than never, right?! Let's dish...

Fergie paired this coral Herve Leger dress with turquoise pumps to celebrate her 36th birthday this weekend. Although this dress makes me envy every. inch. of. her. freakin' body, the fringe on the hips kill it for me. Besides, I'm so over this bandage dress look already... Nay.

Miranda Kerr arrived at an event looking absolutely lovely in this plunging Balenciaga printed gown. I love the retro feel of this dress and the simple hair and make-up is perfection. Yay for me!

Vanessa Hudgen's wore this hideosity to the Sucker Punch party. Snake print dress with matching fringe kimono? Chain headpiece? This is a "what was she thinking" moment. Whatever look she was trying to go for--she failed miserably at. Nay. BIG nay.

Jennifer Hudson wore this cute hot pink mini and black corset to promote her new album. I'm more amazed at Jennifer's transformation than I am her outfit, but I'm giving her a yay cuz girlfriend is WORKIN' that new body.

Kiera Knightley decided to go milk-maid chic while being honored at the Jameson Empire Awards. Are you kidding me?! THIS is what wear when you're going to be honored for something? Complete F.A.I.L.


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