Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black + Brown= A Fashion Do!

Forget that age old fashion rule of never wearing black and brown together...Blah-blah-blah. That rule is outdated and ridiculous. Besides, aren't rules made to be broken? Mixing blacks and browns can be quite chic and sophisticated--and I for one think the look rocks.

Still not convinced? Here are some Spring looks I put together using this combination:

1. Ann Taylor Shirt Dress
2. Ann Taylor Scarf
3. Chloe Wedge

1. Loft Tank
2. Poppie Jones Tote
3. Calvin Klein Shorts
4. ASOS Espadrille Wedge

1. Old Navy V-Neck Tee
2. Fossil Braided Belt
3. ModCloth Skirt
4. Dolce Vita Slingbacks


  1. I love these looks!! I don't wear too much black and brown but I really like the combination.


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