Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Lightweight Tunics For Spring {Under $50)

I ♥ tunics. So comfortable and stylish, they're epitome of laid-back chic. Are you a fan too? Here are 5 fantastic finds for spring--all under $50!

Old Navy-$26.50


  1. I went tunic crazy a couple weeks ago and picked up a couple cute ones for spring and summer

  2. The cream tunic tops is awesome. Good designing! Reminds me of a cream embroidered cotton tunics I bought from Yours Elegantly online. I love tunics and I am always shopping online. Love this cream tunic!

  3. Abby: I know what you mean! I went a little tunic crazy a few weeks ago too. Love them.

    Cashmere: The cream tunic is beautiful, right? I love the sleeve detail.

  4. I love tunics! Thanks for sharing these.


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