Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Navy Tee. Two Different Looks.

Sometimes the simpler the outfit, the better it looks.

It's often the most basic items in our wardrobe that are the most versatile. That's the case with this simple navy scoopneck tee. Everyone has one in their closet, right? Well here are 2 ways you can spruce up that boring ol' tee...

What item gets the most use in your wardrobe?


  1. SO wish I could enter! My FB page is disabled because it got hacked into.

    Well, I am not here to whine. Found you on Mom Bloggers and your site is beautiful! Glad I found you.

    My site is dedicated to infant stimulation. Hope you will visit and like enough to follow,

    Will visit you again with the intention of winning one of those prizes. You have good stuff. Your newest follower, Paula

  2. Sorry to hear about you're FB. Thank you for the compliments! Hope you come back soon, I have A LOT of giveaways in the works! ;)


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